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The Future of Jobs 2023 Report: There is a growing demand for sustainability related jobs

Sectors linked to clean energy, efficiency and low-emissions technologies to create 30 mln jobs

According to The Future of Jobs 2023, investments in the green transition, broader application of ESG standards and climate-change adaptation are expected to have strong positive impacts on job creation. Sectors linked to clean energy, efficiency and low-emissions technologies are expected to create 30 milion jobs by 2030.

Based on data included in the report, we will witness a growing trend in jobs within renewable energy and those related to climate change mitigation. This is reflected in almost universal expectations of growth for Renewable Energy Engineers and Solar Energy Installation and System Engineers.

Another professions with a massive potential are Sustainability Specialists and Environmental Protection Professionals, since the number is expected to grow by 33% and 34% respectively, translating to growth of approximately 1 million jobs.

This trend has been also proved in the research conducted by LinkedIn, which shows that between 2018 and 2022, among 10 fastest growing job postings on LinkedIn, three were related to sustainability field.

Drawing further on LinkedIn’s data, we discover that the Manufacturing and Oil and Gas sectors have the highest levels of green skill intensity. This is an encouraging sign as it could enable a green-skills-led approach to decarbonizing these emissions-intensive industries. This is consistent across the 50 countries included in the analysis, with Austria, Germany, Italy, the United States and Spain leading the way in Manufacturing, while India, the United States and Finland feature at the top of the list for Oil and Gas – we read in the Future of Jobs Report 2023.

According to a research, investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency often create more jobs in the shorter term than investments in fossil fuels.

With governments playing a key role driving and facilitating the green transition, countries including Australia, Argentina, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United States are leading green skills intensity in Government and the Public Sector. – Report states.

Source: The Future of Jobs Report 2023