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Opportunity to Delve into the Core of Solar Cell Innovation and Supply Chain

The European research project PEPPERONI_EU has launched an opportunity for PhD students keen to delve into the evolving field of silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells. The undertaking will explore material criticality throughout the solar cell’s life-cycle.

The prospective three-year research position is set to be a collaborative venture between the University of Liège in Belgium and BRGM in France. The initiative is part of PEPPERONI’s wider aim to illuminate the intricacies of the raw materials vital for silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells. Additionally, the project will endeavor to establish an innovative criticality assessment method tailored for transformed products and components. This method aims to map mineral supply chains and synchronize life-cycle data.

he PEPPERONI partners from the University of Liège and BRGM invite applications for a PhD position to investigate material criticality within the life-cycle of silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells. This three-year role will be shared equally between the University of Liège, Belgium, and BRGM, France.

Focus: The successful candidate will explore critical raw materials essential for silicon-perovskite tandem solar cell fabrication. Working within the PEPPERONI consortium, a successful candidate will harmonise life-cycle data, map mineral raw material supply chains, and develop a transformative criticality assessment method applicable to transformed products and components.

Requirements: Candidates should hold a Master’s degree in chemical engineering, energy, economics, or environmental sciences. Familiarity with life-cycle assessment tools, English proficiency, and a deep interest in low-carbon technologies and socio-environmental concerns are essential.

Application Process: To apply, submit your motivation letter, curriculum vitae, and master’s degree transcript by 5 September 2023, to the secretariat of the Chemical Engineering department (secretary.chemeng@uliege.be) and BRGM human resources department (brgm-recruitment@brgm.fr).

PEPPERONI is not just a research undertaking; it’s a mission. Co-funded by the European Union through its Horizon Europe program and buttressed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research, and Innovation, this four-year project embarked on 1 November 2022. Orchestrated by Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and Qcells, PEPPERONI’s prime objective is to bolster the progress of perovskite/silicon tandem photovoltaics technology. The vision? To fast-track the deployment of this technology in Europe, presenting an efficient and resource-savvy solution to our planet’s carbon quandary.

This consortium merges the expertise of 17 partners hailing from 12 European nations. This extensive partnership captures the gamut of knowledge, right from rudimentary research, testing, and development of solar cells to the large-scale industrial manufacturing of significant solar modules. For those seeking more detailed insights, the project’s official portal is accessible at www.pepperoni-project.eu.

Source: www.pepperoni-project.eu.